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Fabian Guerra

 My background is in graphic art and design, but I have been working on and with computers for over 20 years now.  When my neighbor came to me for help with a computer problem I had no idea it would lead me down a completly different road. That was over nine years ago and JNCC is still growing. We have expanded twice, but the idea of treating each of our customers like  neighbors is still the foundation of this business.

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Jennifer Guerra

My background is in oral and written communication and education, and I have taught on and off for the past six years. Things stay pretty busy at JNCC though, so I am taking some time from my teaching to help keep things going.  I handle the book-keeping and accounts, as well as day to day operations. I will be happy to answer any questions I can or help in any way possible.

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Chloe Guerra

Our duaghter is around the shop quite a bit and helps out where she can. She has grown up at JNCC and we are happy to be able to have her with us. She has her own craft section where she raises money for camps and activities so she can get away from time to time.

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Horatio 'D Bird

Horatio is the JNCC mascot of sorts. Really he runs the place. We got him from Critter Love during a hurricane evacuation. At the time he was all fluff and no feathers. He is at the shop most days, but some days he wants to stay in his cage at home. If you happen to visit on a day he is here you might be able to coax him into singing the Aggie fight song or the Imperial Death March.

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