Services and Pricing

The prices listed below are the average prices for a given repair or service. Sometimes a service or repair may be more or less depending on factors that complicate the proceedure, or if there is more than one problem that needs addressed.  Not everything is listed here, but if you have questions or concerns about something not listed feel free to call or come in.

  • Virus Removal (Simple)           $21.65 +
  • Virus Removal (Basic)              $43.30 +
  • Virus Removal (Compex)         $ 86.60 +
  • Software Installation                 $25-$50 software depending  
  • Data Recovery                            $80 + depending on hardware
  • Data Transfer                              $43.30  
  • Defrag and Maintenance          $43.30
  • Networking                                   By the hour/Per computer
  • Consultation                                By the hour
  • New Builds                                  Parts+Software+Time
  • Upgrades                                     Parts or Software+Time
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Contract Information

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        Our corporate and individual IT contracts are monthly maintenance service plans that are both flexible and affordable.  To this end we offer in-person, remote -IT, or a mix of both to help you stay up and running. In the even that something does go down our contract customers recieve priority service, including nights and weekends.  These contracts are customized to fit your businesses or individual needs as well as budget.  The number of in-person visits, remotes, calls, and emergency calls determine the final price.

Used Parts Policy

 At JNCC we do not sell used parts.  Sometimes we will use good/previously owned memory or other parts to help with the repair of an older machine (if we have compatible components),and the cost will be for the labor only.


Currently, we are sending systems to Africa for a library/computer lab program that is going on.

What we can use at this time:

  • Working Laptops
  • Some Working Desktops

Please do not donate systems that are not in working order, because we have to recycle them and that takes time and money.  Given that they have to be compatable with modern software and make a lengthy trip, we reserve the right to respectfuly decline donations.


If you have a system that you would like to donate to a charity or group of your choosing we will wipe the drive and clean it up. You may then come back in and pick it up for donation.