Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you repair printers?

While we work on software problems and networking we do not repair printer hardware, but we can refer you to someone who does. 

How long does a data transfer take?

It takes as long as the hardware will allow, and depends on the ammount of data being transfered. We have had it take anywhere from hours to severe caseswhere it has taken weeks.

What transfers in a data transfer?

When we do a data transfer we can only transfer document files, pictures, favorites, sometimes address books and saved program files.

What about my programs and games?

In a data transfer we can not transfer programs, they will have to be reinstalled with their keys.

Can you just install windows with your OEM software?

Yes, we can install windows with our OEM copies, but we will still need your legal Microsoft Key to activate it. We do not promote or pirate software.

What other software options do you offer?

We offer open-source software options at no charge. Open-source means that the software is legally free to use, and many of the programs are very good.  Feel Free to ask what is available.

Can I download open-source software myself?

Yes, but some places are safer than others. One place to go is

What is sandboxie?

Sandboxie is a program that allows you to surf the web with a very low threat of getting viruses. The program does not allow you to download anything directly to you system. You can dowload this program for free at

What is a good free virus protection?

You can get kingsoft at